1. Tokart Artur Burak, the owner of the Tokart.eu E-store, undertakes to properly protect the data of the website visitors.
  2. Data on the website users will not be transferred or sold to companies or third parties.
  3. Data provided by the website users will be used solely for communication purposes.
  4. Regardless of the personal data provided during communication, the website owner may use technologies that allow the collection of certain technical information, such as the participant’s IP address, type of web browser and the operating system used (see also point 5).
  5. The Tokart.eu E-store saves cookie files (cookies) on the user’s computer, used to store information for functionality purposes – e.g. saving browsing preferences. The goal is to make browsing easier the next time you visit the site.The user decides which cookies are saved and how they are saved through the web browser settings (commonly used: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari). The default settings of browsers allow you to store cookies of the Tokart.eu E-Store.
  6. The owner of the E-Store and entities operating the website collect statistics of visits to the Tokart.eu E-Store.
  7. This policy does not violate the mandatory provisions, in particular on the consumer and competition protection. In the event of a conflict of the policy provisions with the mandatory provisions, the provisions of the policy shall be replaced by those provisions, and the rest of the policy shall remain in force.
  8. In order to use the Tokart.eu E-Store, a user is required to have computer or a mobile device (e.g. tablet, smartphone) with Internet access, a web browser and, in the case of some services, an active and properly configured e-mail box.