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SAKO – S151B set of saddlebags
23 October 2020
Split clamping ring for a pipe Ø 25.4 mm
23 October 2020

SAKO – S12D set of saddlebags


49 cm
Length when connected to a flap:
27.5 cm
27.5 cm
18 cm
~19 L/ piece
The saddlebags are made of cowhide leather.
Additionally, all surfaces of the saddlebags are strengthened with plastic, thanks to which the saddlebag retains its original shape during use.
The price includes a set of saddlebags (right and left) together with straps for assembly.
The formation of the so-called “bubbles” filled with air that are formed under the influence of weather conditions cannot make grounds for filing a complaint in the case of articles made of split materials!