Sakwy motocyklowe, Torby motocyklowe, Sakwy skórzane, Stelaże do sakw
Complete set – racks and saddlebags S12D
27 October 2020
Sakwy motocyklowe, Torby motocyklowe, Sakwy skórzane, Stelaże do sakw
Complete set – racks and saddlebags S261A
27 October 2020

Complete set – racks and saddlebags S151B


The set includes 2 saddlebags (right and left), two quick-release racks for side saddlebags.
It is necessary to contact us to determine the type of rack before you make a purchase
extra long
it will be compatible with the given model and the year of the motorcycle.
The racks allow you to easily mount and remove the motorcycle saddlebags, the construction of the racks is rigid, they do not get deformed under the load, the locks used have a dust-proof cover that protects the inside of the lock against mud, dust, etc. there is one key for opening the left and right side, the key can be removed from the lock only in the locked position, then we can be sure that the bag is always locked and no one is able to take it off.
The racks are available in black matte only.
Note – when placing an order, please specify the motorcycle make and model and whether a passenger backrest or a sisi bar are installed – then longer screws are packed taking into account the additional thickness of the backrest.
The racks are protected by patent law no.:
OHIM 001688003-0001
The racks have a TUV certificate no.:

Technical data:
length x height – 355 mm x 115 mm (long model), 260 mm x 115 mm (short model), 305 mm x 115 mm (medium model), 385 mm x 115 mm (extra-long model)
block spacing adjustment range for motorcycle screws – as in the nearby table
weight of the set – left + right rack – 2.35 kg
rack load capacity – one side – tested 20 kg
rack load capacity – one side – recommended 15 kg
fixing the case to the rack – at four points
The price of the set includes:
a set of racks – left and right side
two keys
a set of galvanized screws, washers and nuts for fixing the rack with the saddlebag
a set of 4 rollers, spacer sleeves made of acid-proof steel and 4 galvanized screws to be screwed to the motorcycle
installation instructions
The saddlebags are made of cowhide leather.
Additionally, all surfaces of the saddlebags are strengthened with plastic, thanks to which the saddlebag retains its original shape during use.
The price includes a set of bags (right and left)
The formation of the so-called “bubbles” filled with air that are formed under the influence of weather conditions cannot make grounds for filing a complaint in the case of articles made of split materials!
49 cm
Length when connected to a flap:
33.5 cm
33 cm
18 cm
18 L/ piece