Quick-release racks for the rear bag, top-case, case, motorcycle case – stainless steel, polished
23 October 2020
Stelaże do sakw, Torby motocyklowe, Sakwy motocyklowe
Set – quick detach rack plus Deemeed explorer S bags for Harley Davidson motorcycles
23 October 2020

Quick-release racks for the rear, central bag, saddlebag, motorcycle case – matte black


The racks allow you to easily mount and remove the motorcycle top-case, the structure of the racks is rigid, they do not deform under loads, the lock has a dust-proof cover that protects the inside of the lock against mud, dust, etc., the key can be removed only in the locked position, then we can be sure that the case is always closed and that no one will be able to take it off.

Design – all racks are equipped with black blocks that can be spaced depending on the backrest arms, the blocks are always black, the trunk plate is made of chrome-plated metal sheet and they may be exchanged depending on the option.

The set also includes the blocks with rollers that are screwed to the backrest arms.

Low chrome blocks are packed as standard, when the motorcycle has a stop lamp or a license plate mounted on the upper part of the fender, the rack should be raised above those elements, high blocks are used for this purpose, the choice of high blocks should be indicated when placing the order.

Note – when placing an order, the motorcycle must have a rear passenger backrest which is connected with two screws on the side, sending a photo of the installed backrest will enable us to confirm your choice.


Technical data:

dimensions of the base for the case – 320 mm x 225 mm

adjustment range of the internal width of the spacing of the backrest arms – 165 – 305mm

range of adjustment to the angle of the passenger backrest – 90, 80 and 70 degrees

weight of the set – rear rack and left and right-side blocks – 1.95 kg

rack load capacity – tested 28 kg

rack load capacity – recommended 20 kg

fixing the case to the rack –  at four points

The price of the set includes:

central rack

left and right block (made of stainless steel) to be attached to the backrest

a set of galvanized screws, washers and nuts for fixing the rack with the saddlebag

set of 2 chrome rollers, 2 chrome screws and galvanized nuts to be screwed to the block

installation instructions


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