Side license plate mounting
27 October 2020
Stand for risers -high model, askew grooves
27 October 2020

Side license plate mounting – gloss/matt black


The side license plate mount is available in two variants:
straight model
semi-circular model
Side license plate mount with lighting, made of CNC machined aluminium, mounting adapted to motorcycles with rear wheel mounting on an axle of different diameters.
The aluminium surface is powder coated in glossy black, it is resistant to weather conditions, the license plate is screwed at 4 points with M6 screws, the set includes distance sleeves for various mounting diameters on the motorcycle.


Technical data:

– for mounting a license plate with dimensions of 19 x 15 cm

– made of aluminium, powder coated in glossy or matt black- led lighting
– brake light, position light and plate lighting,

– height – 19 cm, width – 21 cm, length – 23 cm, weight 0.85 kg

– the set includes reduction sleeves that enable installation on the axle diameter of a motorcycle, Ø 25.4; 20 ; 19.3mm

– the set includes 4 screws and nuts for screwing the license plate,

– there are points marked in the plate for mounting the license plate that allow easy drilling and moving closer or further from the motorcycle wheel
When placing an order, please provide information which variant should be sent.